Welcome to Hemp Innovations

Our Story

Kia Ora! Welcome to our page and the Hemp Innovations family!
Our company was founded by a kiwi inspired by the dream for a more sustainable future. We are proud to say that we are pursuing that dream everyday with a range of products being ethically and sustainably sourced from premium quality hemp. Our vision is to share our knowledge on how the hemp plant can positively impact our health and community.

The first part of our mission is to tackle how hemp can impact our diet and be incorporated into the foods we eat. Our creative and talented team are consistently pushing the boundaries in the kitchen coming up with innovative ways to include hemp in dishes with a range of delicious recipes. Please come back to our site often as we will be continually updating our recipe section.

We also believe it is important to work within our communities to help educate as many people as we can on the benefits of hemp. We spend a lot of time at public events and local farmers markets sharing our tasty treats and knowledge on the benefits of our products. We hope to see you soon at one of our events!

We believe hemp has the power to provide us with not only a more sustainable and healthy way of living for ourselves, but also for the environment we all live in. We have seen the positive impact it has had on our family and we would love to share it with yours. Give us a try and see for yourself!

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